Monday, June 27, 2011

Latest in research from the world bank

World map showing countries by nominal GDP per...Image via WikipediaHere are the new studies on development economics from the world bank.

WPS5660. On the Relevance of Freedom and Entitlement in Development: New Empirical Evidence (1975-2007) by Jean-Pierre Chauffour
WPS5661. Economic Performance under NAFTA: A Firm-Level Analysis of the Trade-Productivity Linkages by Rafael E. De and Hoyos Leonardo Iacovone
WPS5662. Deep Trade Policy Options for Armenia: The Importance of Services, Trade Facilitation and Standards Liberalization by Jesper Jensen and David G. Tarr
WPS5663. Cotton Subsidies, the WTO, and the ‘Cotton Problem’ by John Baffes
WPS5664. Mobile Banking and Financial Inclusion: The Regulatory Lessons by Michael Klein and Colin Mayer
WPS5665. Measuring the Impacts of Global Trade Reform with Optimal Aggregators of Distortions by David Laborde, Will Martin, and Dominique van der Mensbrugghe
WPS5666. Fiscal Policy and Debt Dynamics in Developing Countries by Ethan Ilzetzki
WPS5667. Incentive Compatible Reforms: the Political Economy of Public Investments in Mongolia by Zahid Hasnain
WPS5668. Eight Questions about Brain Drain by John Gibson and David McKenzie
WPS5669. Does Cash for School Influence Young Women’s Behavior in the Longer Term? Evidence from Pakistan by Andaleeb Alam,Javier E. Baez, and Ximena V. Del Carpio
WPS5670. Financial Liberalization and Allocative Efficiency of Capital by Madina Kukenova
WPS5671. Reliability of Recall in Agricultural Data by Kathleen Beegle, Calogero Carletto, and Kristen Himelein
WPS5672. Biofuels and Climate Change Mitigation: A CGE Analysis Incorporating by Govinda R. Timilsina and Simon Mevel
WPS5673. World Oil Price and Biofuels: A General Equilibrium Analysis by Govinda R. Timilsina, Simon Mevel, and Ashish Shrestha
WPS5674. Students Today, Teachers Tomorrow? Identifying Constraints on the Provision of Education by Tahir Andrabi, Jishnu Das, and Asim Ijaz Khwaja
WPS5675. Strategic Climate Policy with Offsets and Incomplete Abatement: Carbon Taxes Versus Cap-and-Trade by Jon Strand
WPS5676. Collective Action, Political Parties and Pro-Development Public Policy by Philip Keefer
WPS5677. International Harmonization of Product Standards and Firm Heterogeneity in International Trade by José-Daniel Reyes
WPS5678. Under What Conditions Does a Carbon Tax on Fossil Fuels Stimulate Biofuels? by Govinda R. Timilsina, Stefan Csordás, and Simon Mevel
WPS5679. Implications of the Doha Market Access Proposals for Developing Countries by David Laborde, Will Martin, and Dominique van der Mensbrugghe
WPS5680. Schooling and Youth Mortality: Learning from a Mass Military Exemptionand by Piero Cipollone and Alfonso Rosolia
WPS5681. Assessing the Long-term Effects of Conditional Cash Transfers on Human Capital: Evidence from Colombia by Javier E. Baez and Adriana Camacho
WPS5682. Is infrastructure capital productive? A dynamic heterogeneous approach by César Calderón, Enrique Moral-Benito, and Luis Servén
WPS5683. Small Area Estimation-Based Prediction Methods to Track Poverty: Validation and Applications by Luc Christiaensen by Peter Lanjouw, Jill Luoto, and David Stifel
WPS5684. Adjusting the Labor Supply to Mitigate Violent Shocks: Evidence from  Rural Colombia by Manuel Fernández, Ana María Ibáñez, and Ximena Peña
WPS5685. A profile of border protection in Egypt: An Effective Rate of Protection approach adjusting for energy subsidies by Alberto Valdés and William Foster
WPS5686. Nigeria’s Infrastructure: A Continental Perspective by Vivien Foster and Nataliya Pushak
WPS5687. Cape Verde’s Infrastructure: A Continental Perspective by Cecilia M. Briceño-Garmendia and Daniel Alberto Benitez
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