Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Saving child labourers is big business

Craig Kielburger, age 12, on his first trip to...Image via WikipediaCampaigning on behalf of destitute children in Pakistan can earn millions for NGOs in the west. However, those millions are often spent to support lavish lifestyles of a few in the west while the destitute in Pakistan continue to suffer.

Each year, Canadians donate millions of dollars to not-for-profit organisations who are helping impoverished children in low-income countries. While many organisations receiving millions in donations for the poor in Pakistan help the needy, others have used the money to build small real estate fortunes while subsidising extravagant lifestyle of their founders.

One such organisation is Free the Children, a not-for-profit started in Toronto by Craig and Marc Kielburger while they were only teenagers. Free the Children and its sister organisations campaign against child labour and create opportunities for the youth to help other youths in need. While Kielburgers’ hard work and commitment is commendable, one is dismayed at the way Free the Children has been using a false story about the murder of a child labourer in Pakistan to further its cause over the past 16 years.

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