Thursday, May 10, 2012

Online learning in law schools

This is indeed a first: a completely online masters degree in Law. The North American schools are way behind on capitalizing the true potential of online education. There are hundreds of thousands of students waiting to enlist in Asia, Latin America, and Africa.It does not look like Canada is ready to embrace the potential ...

Law School Plans to Offer Web Courses for Master’s By

The law school of Washington University announced Tuesday that it would offer, entirely online, a master’s degree in United States law intended for lawyers practicing overseas, in partnership with 2tor, an education technology company.

Legal education has been slow to move to online classes, and the new master’s program is perhaps the earliest partnership between a top-tier law school and a commercial enterprise.

“We don’t know where the students are going to come from exactly, but we believe there is demand abroad for an online program with the same quality that we deliver in St. Louis, accessible to people who can’t uproot their lives to come to the United States,” said Kent D. Syverud, the dean of the law school, which currently offers students on campus a Master of Law degree, or LL.M., in United States law for foreign lawyers. “It’s not designed to prepare students for the bar exam.”

Law School Plans to Offer Web Courses for Master’s -

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