Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The misguided priorities of Pakistani academics | Blog | DAWN.COM

When one thinks of the grave challenges Pakistan has faced in the past three decades, Chemistry, Zoology and Urdu literature do not come to mind. One sees poverty, income inequality, food security, water shortages, infrastructure deficits, illiteracy, violence, wars, religious fundamentalism and sectarianism as some of the challenges that threaten the survival of the society and the State. It is hard to comprehend why academics in Pakistan would avoid focusing on the immediate challenges, but instead focus on subject areas where their impact will, at best, be marginal because researchers in Europe and North America have significantly more capital, infrastructural, and other intellectual resources at their disposal than their counterparts in Pakistan.

The misguided priorities of Pakistani academics | Blog | DAWN.COM

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  1. Academia doesn't encourage the study of things "that matter", and in particular it discourages the study of things that are controversial, like politics.