Sunday, November 6, 2011

Take note: Evernote beats Microsoft’s OneNote

When it comes to notes, you never know when you’ll have to write a down a line, save an email, or archive a web page. Also, you may not necessarily be in your office sitting with a computer when such needs arise. That’s where Microsoft’s OneNote left much to be desired, which is a very powerful note-taking software yet it worked only with a computer.

Evernote changed all that. You can use an iPAD, iPhone, the desktop application, or the web-based interface to record your notes. Plus, all your notes are in the cloud, so that if you add a note, it gets updated on all platforms that you use. Furthermore, at fewer than $6 a month, the subscription for the service (software is free) is affordable even for the penny-pinchers. The free version of the service and software are also extremely helpful and equipped to handle the needs of an ordinary user. It is only when someone is in heavy-duty info archiving on the fly that one would need the pro version that requires a subscription.

The graph below shows that Google-based searches for Evernote bypassed that for OneNote in early 2009. The popularity gap between Evernote and OneNote has widened since then.

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