Sunday, January 10, 2010

China, world’s largest exporter

The inevitable has happened.  China has surpassed Germany as the largest exporter in the world.  Even when the world was going through an economic slump, the Chinese economy in December expanded by 18% in 2009.  In total, Chinese exports totalled US $1.2 trillion against the 1.17 trillion dollars of exports reported by Germany.

The signs of a new world order emerging are becoming more apparent. It is becoming evident that the emerging economies are likely to steal the limelight from the European and North American stars in the near future. The world of tomorrow is likely to have a more Asian outlook than European or American.  General Motors is no longer the largest automaker in the world, Toyota is.  Germany is not the largest exporter anymore, China is. 

It is too early to speculate about how this will impact global politics and the geography of consumption.

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