Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Retail sales rose in November

According to Statistics Canada:

Retail sales increased 1.3% to $37.3 billion in November, reflecting growth at most store types. This marks the sixth consecutive monthly rise in sales and was the largest increase since March 2010.

Sales in volume terms also rose 1.3% after being flat the previous month.

Gains were reported in 8 of 11 subsectors representing roughly 90% of total sales.

In dollar terms, the largest increase among all subsectors was a 2.7% rise in sales at motor vehicle and parts dealers. This growth resulted mainly from a 3.6% increase at new car dealers, the seventh consecutive monthly increase for this industry. Recent strength in sales at new car dealers reflects higher sales of new trucks and used vehicles. Gains were also reported at automotive parts, accessories and tire stores (+8.3%), a fourth consecutive increase. Declines were reported at used car dealers (-1.3%) and other motor vehicle dealers (-9.8%).

Sales at food and beverage stores increased 0.8%, following declines in each of the two previous months. Gains were reported by all store types in this subsector. Higher sales at supermarkets and grocery stores (+0.7%) accounted for almost two-thirds of the increase.

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