Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dirty politics with dirty money

Stephen Harper, Canadian politicianWhen it comes to Quebec, anglophone politicians while wooing francophone votes, would resort to literally throwing money at Quebec voters.  The Conservative Canadian Prime Minister is now talking of a $2.2 billion bribe (disguised as a Quebec-specific tax deal) to Quebec voters just weeks shy of an election. In a previous election, he offered a billion dollar bribe to Quebec voters.

I remember reading Preston Manning's book in which he complained how Quebec got a preferential treatment every time. I wonder what Mr. Manning thinks of the Conservative Party of today that literally throws money at Quebec to win a parliamentary majority, which will most likely evade Mr. Harper this time as well.

Unlike Mr. Harper's Conservatives, Quebec voters are smart. They will take the money, but will vote in their self interest that lies elsewhere.

Harper confident Quebec’s $2-billion HST deal won’t hinder deficit battle - The Globe and Mail
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