Saturday, April 23, 2011

US leading indicators improve

The numbers are in and they look good. According to the latest economic stats, the US economy is showing signs of recover. The on-again, off-again recovery in the US has kept the global economic pundits on the fence. So far, extreme scenario forecasters suggesting a complete rebound or an economic Armageddon have been proven wrong. Leading indicators were up 0.4% in March. Earlier in February, the leading indicators were up by 1.0%.
The Conference Board reported that its Index of Leading Economic Indicators rose 0.4% in March after an upwardly revised February gain of 1.0%, originally reported at 0.8%. Consensus expectations were for a 0.3% increase during last month. The latest was the ninth consecutive monthly increase. The three-month growth in the series of 6.6% (AR) was down from its early-2010 high of 10.8%.

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