Friday, October 2, 2009

A BRIC smashes through the American dreams to host Olympics

The Olympics Committee has awarded the 2016 Olympics to Rio De Janeiro. This must have shocked the other three 1st world cities namely Chicago, Madrid, and Tokyo, who were also vying for the same. While the Brazilians are busy celebrating on the beaches in Rio De Janeiro, it appears that a BRIC has smashed through the Olympic dreams of the other three major first-world metropolis.

Given the sense of entitlement, many in Chicago, Madrid, and Tokyo are simply shocked at the outcome where their modern first-world economies have been beaten by an emerging BRIC economy. The decision by the Olympics Committee is in recognition of the changing times where all those who felt entitled should now be able and willing to earn their entitlements.

Also, given the sharp increase in the fading hospitality of many western countries, which now routinely refuse entry to academics and athletes, one should think twice of hosting any major international event in Europe or North America. Consider that the British government refused permission to the Pakistani blind cricket team, who happens to be the world's champion in blind cricket, to visit United Kingdom to play in a tournament. It was only a few years ago that a young academic from India, Manindra Agrawal, was refused entry to the US where he was to be recognized by other leading mathematicians for his breakthrough. It took extensive lobbying by the leading mathematicians in the United States to have the decision overturned. Imagine doing the same for thousands of athletes and other sports staff that accompany every Olympics.

I am no fan of the Olympics, but I feel that this decision is good for the sports and athletes around the world. Also, there's no place on the planet like Rio.

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