Tuesday, July 27, 2010

“Munir Sheikh shows us what integrity and leadership looks like”

Dr. Munir Sheikh

"Let me first of all say that it is the right of the government to make decisions, which if lawful should be implemented by any department of the government…

“The fact that in the media and in the public that there was this perception that Statistics Canada was supporting a decision that no statistician would, it really casts doubt on the integrity of that agency, and I as head of that agency cannot survive in that job."

Dr. Munir Sheikh

This story cannot be told any better than John Ibbitson of Globe & Mail in today’s online edition:

Munir Sheikh’s testimony before the Commons industry committee reminded us of something that too many forget: He did not resign as deputy minister responsible for Statistics Canada for the wrong reason; he resigned for the right reason…

“It is one thing to quit your job because you don’t agree with the boss. It is something quite different to quit your job rather than see the integrity of the people you lead compromised. There aren’t many of us who would do such a thing. But Munir Sheikh would, and did.

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